• What we expect from our student partners

Please keep your car clean and park it where we agreed it would be parked. Be honest if there are any problems please contact Uni Car Ads we don’t bite. You are an ambassador for the businesses you are promoting, don’t act in a way that would jeopardise the firms image. We may ask you to go visit the business you are promoting, so you know what they do (this usually leads to some great freebies)

    • How much money can I earn as a driver?

We can pay students a fixed fee on a monthly basis. We hope in the future to reward students who have worked with us for a long period of time with a higher payment.

    • What exactly is the advert?

The advert is 20×20 inch and will be digitally printed and laminated. Identical stickers will be placed on both front doors of the car. The advert can be easily peeled off without damaging the car. The company who creates our adverts creates the Gumball rally stickers to be placed on some of the most expensive cars in the world, so believe me they do not damage the car in anyway.

    • Am I committed to accepting all adverts offered to me?

No, you are free to choose and can accept or decline any or every advert offered for your own reasons. There are no penalties for declining an advert and this will not jeopardise your future eligibility for campaign selection.

    • How far do I have to drive?

As far as you usually do, We want people to see the advert when your car is parked outside your house, by the library or other student hotspots. All we need to know is where your car is parked the majority of time you are at university.

    • Will my insurance be affected ?

In 90% of cases the insurance does not change. We do require you though to check with your insurance company before we advertise on your car. In a small amount of cases a small premium may have to be paid.

    • What happens if I have an accident or the sticker is damaged?

It is your duty to inform us immediately if there is a problem of this nature so that we can respond promptly. Failure to act in good time may mean Uni Car Ads withhold part or all of your payment.

    • When do I get paid?

You will be paid by Direct Debit on a monthly basis. The first payment will arrive one month after the stickers have been placed on the car.

    • How long will I have the advert for?

This depends on the advertiser’s requirement. The minimum is 1 month and the maximum 9 months. Once you’ve finished one campaign and the advert has been removed, your vehicle becomes immediately available for another one.

    • Can only students use this?

Although we focus on recruiting students cars, if you have a car in a student area that you would like to earn money for advertising on, please do get in contact.

    • Do I get any extra deals from a business by having an advert on my car?

A number of businesses give exclusive Uni Car Ads offers if the advert is quoted upon purchasing. Some businesses give further discounts or extra offers for car owners who are advertising their business.

Jamie Hackett, 22, Essex : As a student driver any help with the running costs of owning a car is greatly appreciated. Uni Car Ads allows me to be financially better off at the end of each month, which is a welcome change to my overdraft. The quality of the advertising is high and gives me a cheeky little discount on the business I represent.

Abi Johnson, 21, Middlesbrough : I contacted Uni Car Ads as a graphic design and marketing student. The plan was to gain some work experience for my portfolio. Since then I have worked on several design briefs. It was a very easy way for me to earn some extra cash and get some great visibility.

Rosie Chance, 22, Jesmond : I originally came across Uni Car Ads when they came into one of my lectures recruiting students with cars. I have had a funny advert for the Meat Merchant on my car for 3 months now, earning me nearly £100 pounds and best of all getting some free meat in the process.

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