UPDATE – JOBS AVAILABLE in Durham, Sheffield, Manchester, Nottingham and St Andrews


We are looking for reps to help us build a database of cars in the above cities


Uni Car Ads will pay you 2 pounds for every car that you sign up – We will then pay an EXTRA 5 POUNDS for every car that you have recruited that we place an advert on. So YOU must get cars in GREAT LOCATIONS.

If you are interested in making quick easy money send us an email – Please mention where you live and what university you are at.

There is potential to continue working for Uni Car Ads and help us sell the concept and manage a city.


1) If you live in a hall put a couple of posters up and push it on social media

2) Start by simply asking friends to sign up – get a whole house to sign up their cars

3) Do a 30 second shout-out at the start of lectures telling people to get on their phones and sign up

FINALLY, IT IS NOT HARD – THEY WILL WANT TO SIGN UP AND EARN MONEY – we got 100 Students in a week in Newcastle where it started.


If you think you could design some of the adverts for us please get in touch and send some of your previous work. You will be paid a rate per job. It’s a great way of getting your work out there and being used by businesses.

To apply email.

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