Uni Car Ads – Money Saving for Students

 We place adverts on private cars in densely populated student areas. The cars are parked along routes that students most frequently walk down. Learn about student loans here.
We are the perfect guide book for students to learn about saving money and having a great time whilst they’re away from home for the first time. Enjoy the extra cash for a night out or maybe a new text book for your studies!

Businesses – To find out the advantages of this medium and why it is the most cost-effective method of advertising take a look at Our Work

Students – If you are a vehicle owner and want to earn the easiest money ever for just having an advert on your car register your car today.

What we have been up to..

Don’t forget that car sharing is great for the environment, and helping to reduce emissions in the atmosphere it a long term way of helping the planet be a better place for future generations to come.

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